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Program, Court & Rental Fees
Class Fees
  • Single Class Fee: $3
  • 20-Punch Class Card: $30

Racquetball/Wallyball Court Fees

  • One-Hour Rental: $5
  • Racquet Rental: $1
  • Goggle Rental: $1

Batting Cage Fees

  • 25 Balls: $2
  • 50 Balls: $4
  • 100 Balls: $7
  • 30-Minute Team Reservation: $20
  • 1-Hour Team Reservation: $35

Roller-Skate Rentals / Skate Ticket Fees

  • Roller Skate Ticket: $4
  • Roller/Ice Skate Rental: $2

Locker Fees
  • Locker Rental: $1
  • Quarterly Rental: $40

Spinning Class
Nursery and Room Rental Fees 
  • Nursery Fee: $3 per hour, per child
  • Room Rental: $40 per hour

Merchandise Fees
  • Swim goggles: $5
  • Racquetballs: $7.50
  • Swim caps: $5
  • Pool diapers (disposable): $2
  • Gift Certificates: any denomination


Any and all articles that are deemed “lost” will be cataloged in the Recreation Center Lost and Found System.  Articles that are lost or left at the Recreation Center will be temporarily held at the Front Desk for approximately two days in anticipation that the owner will claim them.  After the two-day temporary holding period the articles will be transferred to the official Lost and Found Storage compartment.  A Lost and Found Tag will be completed and attached to all articles by the Recreation Shift Leader /Monitor.  If an individual inquires about a lost article and approximate date that it was lost or left at the Recreation Center; the Recreation Shift Leader will review the Lost and Found Log Sheet to see if the Recreation Center has such an article.  The administration of the Lost and Found System is the responsibility of the Recreation Shift Leader/Monitor.  Other Recreation Center personnel and Recreation Center patrons are not permitted to randomly view the collection of lost and found articles or log sheets.  Articles in the Lost and Found will be kept for a minimum of thirty days, after which time they will become the property of the Green River Recreation Center. It is prohibited for Recreation Center Personnel to either keep articles that have been left or lost at the Recreation Center or to remove articles from the Lost and Found.


  1. Active participation on the Racquetball Courts requires that the patron be dressed in traditional exercise attire. Traditional street clothing is not acceptable.  Only authorized tennis shoes or jogging shoes will be permitted. No street shoes, rubber or metal cleats, turf shoes or black-soled shoes (unless manufacturer guarantees that the shoes will not mark) will be permitted.
  2. Court reservations will be accepted up to two days in advance.
  3. Court activities will turn over on the hour for two courts and on the half-hour for the remaining two courts. If a person with a court reservation has not been checked in and paid their fee to the Cashier prior to the hour or half-hour, then the court will become “available” for other individuals to use.
  4. In the event a court is “available,” usage will be on a first come, first serve basis.
  5. All persons with court reservations must “check in” at the Front Desk before court usage.
  6. Metal rackets must have a vinyl head protector.
  7. Protective goggles or eyewear is mandatory and must be worn appropriately during play.
  8. Each racquet is to be equipped with a tether at the handle and must be used by the participants.
  9. Recreation Center Rules of Conduct apply to Racquetball Court usage.


  1. Handball players will observe the Racquetball Court Rules, with the exception of equipment used.
  2. Protective Goggles or eyewear and gloves are mandatory and must be worn appropriately during play.
  3. Only approved Handballs will be used for game play.



Calendar Quarters:              January 1 to March 31

   April 1 to June 30

   July 1 to September 30

   October 1 to December 31

SINGLE USAGE LOCKER FEE                                $1.00 PER DAY


                                All equipment can be checked out during Recreation Center hours of operation.  If the equipment is to be taken from the building, a cash deposit is required.  Certain equipment such as towels and roller skates may not leave the Recreation Center. Certain equipment, as designated, will be rented for usage other than at the Recreation Center and will require a deposit and driver’s license identification.  Fines are assessed for late and/or damaged equipment returns, and no refunds will be given unless there are unusual circumstances.  If you should lose the equipment, you will be charged the present retail cost of replacement.  Equipment is rented on a first-come, first-serve basis and you may not reserve equipment in advance.  The rental period for all rental equipment is twenty-four (24) hours from the time the equipment is picked up.  Only cash deposits will be accepted.

Some equipment will be available free of charge, for use at the facility and can be obtained at the front desk.  Equipment rental forms must be completed.

During skating sessions, the cashier shall charge the participant the $2.00 rental fee and have the participant complete a Skate Rental Form, and then the participant will give the form to the skate guard with their street shoes in exchange for a pair of skates.  To check out equipment from the Front Desk for use at the Recreation Center either a driver’s license, Recreation Center Identification Card or equipment rental form will be required.  Staff will keep the form of identification until the item is returned; the fee required is paid at the time of rental.


RENTAL EQUIPMENT            FEE                          DEPOSIT I.D.          RENTAL FORM

1.   Outdoor VB Standards  $10                         $20                         YES                          YES

2.   Baseball Set                    $10                         $20                         YES                          YES

3.   Horseshoe Set                $10                         $20                         YES                          YES

4.   Picnic Activity Set          $30                         $20                         YES                          YES

5.   Skate Rental (Ice)           $ 2                          $ 5                          YES                          YES

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