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Cardio Hall Information

Cardio Hall Rules

    1. No one under the age of 12 may be in Weight room or Cardio Hall. No Exceptions!
    2. Patrons 12-16 may use the Weight Room and Cardio Machines with a Parent close by or have a weight card on them.
    3. Wear proper athletic shoes and clothing. Bare feet or socks are prohibited!
    4. Wipe down equipment after each use.
    5. Ask for assistance if you do not know how to use equipment.
    6. If someone is waiting for equipment; be respectful and try to limit your time to 30 min.
    7. If many waiting on one machine; sign-up sheet, can’t sign up more than 1 hour ahead of time. Ask the front desk for a sign-up sheet.
    8. No horseplay allowed in the weight room or cardio hall area.
    9. Clean up after yourself.
    10. Turn the tv off when you are done with it.
    11. Only water in the cardio hallway.
    12. No additional equipment in the cardio hallway; keep clear for emergencies. Return equipment into the designated area.
    13. Do not pull on the face display of the cardio machines, use the provided handle rails.
    14. Respect each other; if there is an issue, talk it out.
    15. Please do not move the cardio equipment; please ask front desk.
    16. Avoid making loud noises. Individuals within the confines of the facility will not be permitted to use any “electronic devices” that broadcast sound. Music systems, when used in conjunction with headphones, are permitted, provided other individuals cannot hear the sound.
    17. Something wrong with the equipment? Please let the front desk know, there is a procedure for the staff to follow.

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For complete details on available programs, pick up the most current brochure at the Recreation Center or City Hall:

Recreation Center 
1775 Hitching Post Dr. 
Green River, WY 82935 
Ph: (307) 872-0511 ext. 0

City Hall - Parks and Recreation
50 East 2nd North 
Green River, WY 82935 
(307) 872-6151

For more information, please contact the 
Green River Recreation Center at (307) 872-0511 ext. 0.

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