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Membership Refund/Extension/Suspension

How staff should respond to refund request?

Patrons must fill out the “GRRC Membership Request Form” form and submit it to the Recreation Supervisor in charge of the program. Patrons can receive the form in person, online, fax, email, etc. Employees will not fill out the form as it needs a signature from the requesting patron(s). We do not accept the forms over the phone.  Once the form has been submitted to the Recreation Supervisor in charge, the Supervisor will contact the patron within one (1) week. Recreation Supervisor in charge of the program will decide the form in which we will refund the patron per our policy guide.

How does the Recreation Center Supervisor respond to a request for refund?

  1. Credits are valid for one year from the date of issuance and may be used toward any program.
  2. Refunds are typically not available for day use passes, monthly memberships, concession items or merchandise, but rather, are issued on a case by case basis by the Recreation Center Supervisor in instance guided by Membership and Reservation Policies.
  3. Refunds are typically issued in the form payment was originally made with the exception of cash, which shall be reimbursed by a check from the Finance Department after being approved through City Council. Cash refunds are not allowable over $40.00. Refunds may take up to 4 weeks to process.
  4. Once a registration has been completed, all reservations are considered final. Please choose activities with care, as all registrations are considered final.

Membership Extension Policy: 

  1. This policy may only be applied to Annual Memberships and must follow the same request process as Refunds.
  2. Annual Extension (case by case; medical and/or extreme unforeseen circumstance).

Membership Suspension Policy:

  1. This policy may only be applied to Annual Memberships and must follow the same request process as Refunds.
  2. Annual Suspension (1 month maximum per annual membership; limit of 24 hours submission period before date needed).

We also offer online registration for activities, programs, and classes!

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For complete details on available programs, pick up the most current brochure at the Recreation Center or City Hall:

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For more information, please contact the 
Green River Recreation Center at (307) 872-0511 ext. 0.

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